Tree Pruning

Tree Trimming

Maintain the beauty and health of your trees with Coleman Tree Service’s Pruning service.  It’s not always about Emergency Tree Service. Whether your tree is obstructing power lines or a view out your window or just in need of a healthy trim, we ensure it’s beauty and health is maintained.

Not always recommended for the health of your tree, topping is something that you may have to do by order of a utility company or other association.  We handle topping in the manner which best insures the long term health of your tree.

Sometimes there is no saving a diseased or older tree. Often a tree’s roots or limbs are endangering the well being of your home or another structure.  In this case, Coleman Tree Services will remove the tree in a manner which is efficient, safe and cost effective.

Stump Grinding
Have an old stump on your property or have one from a tree We removed?  We will grind the stump down and fill the void with the remaining material.  Any additional ground material will be carted away at an additional cost.  Stumps will be ground no closer than within three inches of any obstacles to avoid collateral damage of any property. Grinding of far exterior roots is extra unless specified in writing.  For an additional cost, we can also fill the stump’s void with topsoil and seed.

Full Landscaping Service and Design is offered by Coleman Tree Services.  Mowing, planting, mulching, Fall & Spring cleanups and any other basic landscapes services you may need.

Coleman Tress Service’s hard scaping services include Flagstone walkways, patios, pavers, railroad tie walls, ponds, fences, irrigation, outdoor lighting and design.


Fire Wood

If you are looking for fire wood, we have it for sale and will deliver it to you and stack it for you.  Or if we cut down your tree, for an additional cost we can cut the wood into

firewood and stack it for you.

Storm Damage/Emergency Tree Service
Have an emergency due to a fallen tree from high winds, a flood or storm?  Coleman Tree Services will be there quickly to safely remove the hazard and clean up the debris.  We will work with your Insurance Company when you need emergency tree service.  When there is a need for tree services on the Main Line and it’s surrounding area, Coleman Tree Services will be there!

Crane Service
Has a tree fallen on your home or structure?  Our crane service will remove the fallen tree in the safest and most efficient manner.

Deer Management
If deer are threatening your landscape or safety, Coleman Tree Services offers deterrent and/or removal services.