Winds Causing Severe Tree Damage

It’s been very windy in the Main Line, Pa region this season.  We are getting a lot of calls from folks whose trees have fallen on their properties.  Some trees are damaging properties and some, fortunately, have fallen onto open space.  Whichever your dilemma, Coleman Tree Services, providing Tree Services Main Line, will take care of your situation quickly and efficiently.  The effects of damage worsen as a fallen tree sits on damaged property.  Prolonged exposure to the elements can cause long term  damage.

To combat this danger, make an assessment of the trees on your property.  Are there any large trees with branches, which hang over your property and buildings?  Are you starting to notice root systems exposed where they weren’t before?  Are your trees in a flood path?  Do your trees have excessive rot and lots of dead branches?  These are all warning signs that a disaster may be eminent.   Be proactive and call Coleman Tree Services for pruning, trimming and even cut-down services.  This investment could save your home – your biggest investment!  Below are some images from last week’s wind damage as well as a pro-active maintenance project.

Coleman Tree Services – Tree Services Main Line.  Emergency Tree Services.  We are fully insured and bonded.  When there is an emergency, we will provide you with an estimate at the time of assessment and will work with your Insurance Company to make sure your tree service is provided in the quickest manner possible.  We can stack and cut your tree for firewood, provide mulch, perform stump grinding, or haul your wood away.  Your property will be treated with respect and our certified arborists will ensure the best care for your trees and property.

For all your tree service needs, Call Bob Coleman at Coleman Tree Services.

Thank You!

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